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About our Social Security and SSI Disability Services:
All Disability Cases are Referred to
 People with Disabilities Foundation
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The Social Security Act insures persons who are unable to engage in Substantial Gainful Activity (work). Specifically a person's age, education, and past work experience are taken into account with whatever residual capacity the individual retains. Then it is determined if jobs exist in significant numbers in the national economy which an individual can perform. This is a very strict standard. The jobs just have to exist. They do not have to be available.

Social Security is long term disability. An individual's impairments considered in combination must be expected to last for a period not less than twelve consecutive months. One additional requirement worth mentioning is that to have "insured status" for regular Disability benefits (not SSI) one must have twenty quarters of coverage out of the last forty. In other words you must have worked five out of the last ten years.

In order to evaluate a case for representation it is necessary to review medical records at the initial appointment.

We represent persons who wish to apply for SSI Disability which is a poverty program with income and resource limitations. Additionally we represent children, widows, divorced spouses, and on Retirement Insurance Benefit (RIB) cases, etc.

When the Social Security Administration claims that they have overpaid you and demand money, or when they want to discontinue your benefits we can represent on a retainer basis. Inquire about payment plans.

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